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The SAE G-11 RMSL Software Committee (G-11SW) belongs to the SAE G-11 Reliability, Maintainability, Supportability and Logistics (RSML) Division. This committee will develop and promote emerging RMSL principles, processes, technologies, and standards to further improve their application to the software component of systems. The SAE G-11 Software Committee should be a leader in developing and promoting software RMSL principles, processes, technologies, and standards for use by international industries and governments.

The G-11SW group was organized in March 1994. G-11SW now consists of approximately 40 participants and 20 full members. The membership is from the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Canada, Germany, Belgium, and Israel.


G-11SW-96-3: Software Reliability Task guide (reaffirmation in 2003)
JA 1001, Software Reliability - An Overview (canceled for now)
JA 1002, Software Reliability Program Standard (published July 1998)
JA 1003, Software Reliability Program Implementation Guide (published January 2004)

G-11SW-95-1 (reaffirmation in 2003)
AIR5121, Software Supportability - An Overview (published January 1997, reaffirmed January 2004)

G-11SW-96-4: Software Supportability Task Guide (reaffirmation in 2003)
JA 1004, Software Supportability Program Standard (published July 1998, reaffirmed January 2004)
JA 1005, Software Supportability Program Implementation Guide (published May 2001, reaffirmed January 2004)
JA 1006, Software Support Concept (published June, 1999, reaffirmed January 2004)


G-11SW-04-1 Software Safety Program Standard & Implementation Guide (Software Reliability Subcommittee)

G-11SW-04-2 Practical Approach to the Conduct of Software FMEA (Software Reliability Subcommittee)

G-11SW-04-3 Practical Roadmap for Software Reliability (Software Reliability Subcommittee)

G-11SW-04-4 Guidance on Software Material Release (Software Supportability Subcommittee)

G-11SW-04-5 NATO Liaison for Adoption of Software SAE Standards (Software Liason Subcommittee)


Finish current projects within the next year. Establish validity of G-11SW publications for use by NATO affiliates and initiate work on evolving liaison's with ISO/IEC and IEEE. Evolve G-11SW standards and guidelines to be compatible with and/or referenced by the liaison organizations' standards and guidelines. Continue education/training presentations of short courses developed for software supportability and software reliability.


Click here to download the latest Meeting Minutes (March 2004).


Software Committee Chair: David E. Peercy

Software Committee Vice-Chair: Derek Achenbach

Software Supportability Subcommittee Chair: Ramón Somoza

Software Reliability Subcommittee Chair: Russ Morris

Please feel free to contact any of the above in case your wish to participate in the G-11SW activities!


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