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New Standarisation Initiatives in the field

One key aspect that may affect your important work are the activities that are being carried out by different standarisation groups around the world. Not only do these standarisation groups define good methodologies and practices that may assist you in the improvement of your processes and quality of your product, but the documents they produce may at a certain moment be requested as mandatory in a contract by a knowledgeable customer - and your knowledge about these documents may give you exactly the edge you require to win that contract!

This pages list the new standarisation projects that are known to us. Should you, when reading this page, realize there is an ovelap between different initiatives, please feel free to report this to us, or contact directly the people in charge of that particular project. Each project has a different page, and as far as feasible we have tried to provide the contact details of the individuals participating in them. Should you have knowledge of other projects, please inform us - we will be pleased to include them!


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Do you know any other initiatives? Please inform us!

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22nd April 2004
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