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Welcome to is a not-for-profit group of people dedicated to the promotion and divulgation of software supportabilty and reliability aspects, methods and techniques. The basis for this effort is the work carried out by the SAE G-11 (RMSL) Software Committee, of which most members of this group are or have been distinguished members. The support and individual efforts of all these people is gratefully acknowledged. is based on volunteer work - we have no relationship whatsoever with any company, corporation or any other commercial institution. This web and its contents have been provided by individuals. Our only sponsor is our hosting company, which kindly provides the hosting for free, yet is not involved in this particular field. We do not commercialise, sell or recommend purchase of any product whatsoever. Should at any moment our work be sponsored in whole or in part by any other institution, we will explicitly state it.

As this site is based on the work of volunteers, you will find that this site is perhaps not updated as often as more commercially-oriented sites. This is because we do not have a paid staff to update the site, or to prepare/develop/integrate the documents that are posted here. Your contribution would be greatly appreciated - if you wish to assist, please contact the Webmaster.

An important aspect of this site is its assistance to the SAE G-11 (RMSL) Software Committee, and its two main committees, Software Supportability and Software Reliability. This site will divulgate the work of this committee, its meetings and documents. To learn more about the SAE G-11 (RMSL) Software Committee, click here.

We also intend to gather all possible information about software support and software supportability issues in order to assist the practitioners in the field. Similarly, we will include over time a set of "how to" cards, briefly outlining how specific support and supportability and reliability issues can be addressed. Should you have any suggestions, specific problems that you do not know how to solve, etc., please tell us - we cannot guarantee that we will implement your suggestions or solve your specific problem, but at least we promise we will have a look at it - and perhaps even be able to assist!



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Added JSP 886 reference to Bibliography.

Split Bibliography into Reliability and Supportability & added 10 new documents; Added Goddard Space Flight Center to Links.

Added USAF Weapon Systems Software Management Guidebook to Downloads

Added Jamie Francis Brooks' Maturing the Software Logistics Support Analysis Process

Added Lee Cooper's Is Partnered Software Support appropriate
for Military Aerospace Platforms?

Added fourteen new documents to Bibliography

Added US Army's SEC CRCMP references

Added eight new documents to Downloads

Added twenty-four new documents to Bibliography

Added Ramon Somoza's article on Reversed Rate Monotonic Analysis (RRMA) to Downloads

Added twenty-eight new documents to Bibliography

Added David Gill's Competency and Skills Framework for the Assessment of Software Engineering in the Royal Air Force

Link to UK MoD Guiding principles for Software Support

New ARTICLES Section!


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2nd june 2009

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